The Past in the Present of the Middle East

Conference: The Past in the Present of the Middle East

The Past in the Pres15 April 2016 09:00 to 16 April 2016 17:00
London Middle East Institute of SOAS.

Organised by the Council for British Research in the Levant, in association with the London Middle East Institute.

Participants will include both invited speakers and participants who respond to this call, including early career scholars sponsored by CBRL to undertake new research, as well as established scholars presenting their own research, and research partners from the region. The conference is intended as an opportunity to speak to a wide audience, including not only the academic community but also policy makers, practitioners and members of the public. We believe that this event will make an important contribution to the profile of research in the region.

The conferece is intended to showcase the work of CBRL and its partners in the region. The conference will present sessions on a number of themes linking the past to the present day in the Middle East.
•    Cultural heritage in conflict
•    Cultural heritage, society and economics
•    Britain and the Levant: Culture and (Mis)Communication
•    The past in the political present: the legacy of colonialism and intervention
•    The Politics of Dissent: challenges to Orientalism and Zionism
•    The impact of research – working with humanitarian agencies/practitioners

Closing session: The future of the past in the Middle East

The draft programme (CBRL Conference 2016 Programme) and conference flier (CBRL conference flyer) are available on those links.

(See conference website here).

The conference fee is £50 (with an early bird rate of £40 until 15 January 2016), with a discounted rate of £20 for student participants. The fee will cover attendance at the conference, including lunches during the conference and the conference reception.To register click here.