Cultural Heritage in Today’s Southern Mediterranean Region

Conference: Cultural Heritage in Today’s Southern Mediterranean Region

18 May 2016, The Hague, Netherlands

Organised by The Fondema Foundation

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A round table will take place on May the 18th at the ‘Speakers Corner’ of the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the Hague University, The Hague (NL) to review what is the current state of affairs in cultural heritage protection in the South Mediterranean region and the perspective role of cultural heritage as one of the keys on the path to peace and reconciliation in the aftermath of the ongoing armed conflicts directly affecting the whole region.

Organised by the Foundation FONDEMA this one day activity will gather around a table experts from various disciplines and experiences in an attempt to analyse the background situation of cultural heritage protection and the eventual failures that determined the widespread humanitarian disasters created by the current armed conflicts that so heavily affected cultural heritage. The most promising measures to protect cultural heritage in the future will also be explored at the round table.