Archaeological Institute of America Annual Conference

5-8 January 2017, Toronto

The full progamme is available here: it contained the following workshop.

SESSION 5E: Workshop Current Events and Heritage Protection: Efforts to Protect Culture at Risk 10:45 a.m.–12:45 p.m.

Civic South Sponsored by the Cultural Heritage by Archaeology and Military Panel (CHAMP)

MODERATOR: Laurie Rush, U.S. Committee of the Blue Shield

This session offers an opportunity to update colleagues on issues related to heritage in crisis areas. Tragically, in today’s world, events are overtaking even the most conscientious efforts to keep colleagues informed on critical developments in international efforts to be responsible stewards of global heritage. The AIA Annual Meeting offers a forum for face to face discussion of events as they are unfolding from colleagues with first hand and recent in country experience. Potential topics include updates on conditions of sites and monuments as territory is recovered from DAESH, latest research on the military implications for cultural property protection; implementation of Hague 54 in current conflict zones; disaster response; preservation of collections and institutions under threat; and working with the military and law enforcement to protect cultural property.

PANELISTS: Suzanne Bott, Independent Scholar, Brian Michael Lione, Irbil Conservation Institute, Jesse Johnson, Irbil Conservation Institute, Brian I. Daniels, University of Pennsylvania Museum Heritage Center, Katharyn Hanson, Smithsonian Institution, Cori Wegener, Smithsonian Institution, and David Selnick, Tiffin University