War and the Protection of Cultural Heritage

Apr 21, 2016 02:00 PM – 05:00 PM, The Aula, University of Oslo
The staff of Conservation Studies, University of Oslo, has invited internationally recognised scholars to discuss and debate advocacy for the protection of cultural heritage. Three lectures will be followed by a public conversation mediated by Dr Paul Fox (Member of the UK National Committees of the Blue Shield).
Professor Peter Stone OBE.
UNESCO Chair in Cultural Property Protection and Peace, Newcastle University, & Secretary General of the Association of National Committees of the Blue Shield
Lecture theme: Whose cultural heritage is the 1954 Hague Convention meant to protect? Can cultural property be protected during conflict?
Professor Barbara Welzel
Professor of History of Art, Technische Universität Dortmund
Lecture theme: How is the care of cultural heritage tied to human rights?
Professor Christopher Prescott
Professor of Archaeology, and Head of Research for the Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History, University of Oslo
Lecture theme: Looting and illicit trade in cultural artefacts: challenges and implications for academia.
The event, which will be introduced by Dr Noëlle Streeton (Associate Professor, Conservation Studies, IAKH), is supported with funding from the Department for Archaeology, Conservation and History, University of Oslo.