Unite for Syrian Heritage Young Experts Forum on the Safeguarding of Syrian Cultural Heritage

Unite for Syrian Heritage – Young Experts Forum on the Safeguarding of Syrian Cultural Heritage

1-2 June 2016
Berlin, Germany

Details of the follow up network meeting here.

Concept Note
As part of the international expert conference on Syrian cultural heritage (2 to 4 June 2016, Berlin), the German Commission for UNESCO as cooperation partner of the Federal Foreign Office organizes a Young Experts Forum to be held prior to the expert conference.

Objectives and Expected Results

The objective of the Young Experts Forum “Unite for Syrian Heritage” is to bring together young experts with proven expertise and competence in fields relevant to the reconstruction of Syrian cultural heritage. Through the Forum, Germany offers an opportunity to make young voices heard and a unique window for participation in the international efforts for Syrian cultural heritage.

The immediately expected outcome is a concise presentation of the Forum’s results and main theses coming from different perspectives during the opening of the expert conference on Syrian cultural heritage. Furthermore the Forum aims at setting up an informal network of young experts working on Syrian cultural heritage. Finally, the participants will be given the opportunity to participate as observers in the expert conference and use it as a platform for dialogue. In the medium-term young expertise will become more visible, thereby complementing the international efforts by a more diverse view of the next generation.


Since the Forum has to be prepared in the short term the focus rather lies on bringing young people together and facilitating their exchange, also beyond the Forum, than on working thoroughly on detailed content-based results. The methodology will therefore be participatory and interactive (speed dating, Q&A, working groups). However, one central keynote should set the basis for the exchange and discussion of the presentation to be prepared for the opening of the expert conference.


The German Commission for UNESCO, in close cooperation with the Federal Foreign Office, will invite up to 20 young experts aged from 20 to 30 who are involved in Syrian cultural heritage related fields such as World Heritage Studies, (Landscape) Architecture, Urban Planning, Archaeology, Art History, Museology, Cultural Studies, Anthropology, International Politics, Geography, Tourism. They can be students, researchers, activists, young professionals working in NGOs, associations, cultural and natural organizations, museums. It is crucial that they are committed to bringing in their own expertise, motivated to be engaged in a network of young experts and eager to implement the outcomes of the forum in their future work.

UNESCO Syria Young Experts Forum Programme