The Archaeological Heritage in the Arab World: Challenges and Solutions

The Archaeological Heritage in the Arab World: Challenges and Solutions

4-6 April 2016
The 2nd international conference of the Faculty of Archaeology (Fayoum University, Egypt)

The Arab League drafted a resolution for the protection of cultural heritage at the conference.

According to the conference website, the themes were:

1- Challenges and threads of the Arab archaeological heritage

  • Wars and Conflicts.
  • Revolutions and Security instability.
  • Economic development challenges.
  • Weakness of Public awareness.
  • Natural and Environmental Threads.
  • Wrong restoration treatments.
  • Nonintegrated site management.
  • Risks of Political exploitation.
  • Terrorism.
  • Incompatible use of monuments.

2- The attitudes of Islam and Islamic scientists towards the antiquities.

  • The Quran and antiquities.
  • The Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad and antiquities.
  • The antiquities in the Islamic doctrine books.
  • Facing of religious extremism of the antiquities.
  • The literature heritage and antiquities.

3- Solutions for preservation of the archeological heritage.

  • Updating the academic courses.
  • Funding resources.
  • Management of archaeological sites and museums.
  • Conservation, habilitation and reuse.
  • Heritage legalizations.
  • Roles of society and media for raising public awareness.
  • Registration and documentation.
  • Scientific Publication.

Details and the call for papers can be downloaded as as pdf here.

The programme is available in arabic here: programme (2)

Participants include:

1 – the ministers of Antiquities and Awqaf
2 – the president of the Arab league
3 – the director of the library of Alexandaria
4 – the director of UNESCO in Cairo
5 – the ICOM office in Cairo
6 – the Mufti of Egypt
7 – Imams from Azher
8 – the president of ISESCO (
9 – Zahi Hawass