Religious And Cultural Pluralism And Peaceful Coexistence In The Middle East

Conference: Religious and Cultural Pluralism and Peaceful Coexistence in the Middle East

18 – 20 October 2015
InterContinental Athenaeum Athens Hotel, Athens

Organisers: Hellenic Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Task Force for the Athens International Conference
Tel: 0030•210•3681671
Fax: 0030•210•3681717


Subjects for Discussion:

1. Current situation: the plight of various religious, cultural and ethnic communities in the Middle East

2. Interrelation of Religion with International Politics
Contribution of religious leaders and faith communities to:

  • the promotion and protection of human and civic rights and pluralism,
  • the creation of more peaceful, stable and secure communities
  • the prevention and resolution of conflicts
  • the contribution to local and regional stability and security.
  • the sustainable development

3. International initiatives undertaken so far for the protection of these communities, of their cultural heritage and monuments and the promotion of a peaceful interreligious coexistence, through dialogue between cultures and religions.

4. Means of Engagement for the future

  • Enhancing cooperation with the international community to alleviate the plight of these groups.
  • Developing an all inclusive regional consensus for supporting the historical, continued presence of these groups in the Middle East area and finding common position to move forward.
  • Isolating perpetrations of religious persecution.
  • Adopting an International Plan to create sustainable development to the affected regions and populations.
  • Building a mechanism of monitoring (Observatory or Centre in Athens).

Download the full programme here: 2015 Athens Conference UPDATED PROGRAM

The welcoming address is available online here.

Some of the participants’ comments are available here.