Site Unseen: Safeguarding MENA Cultural Heritage

Public lectures and discussion: Site Unseen: Safeguarding MENA Cultural Heritage

31 October 2015, 10.30am – 13.30pm. Registration from 10.00am.

Venue: Kensington Central Library Lecture Theatre, London.

Tickets are free, and can be booked online / 0 (+44) 20 7361 3010

A panel discussion on the ongoing crisis of preserving Middle East heritage, looking at the current state of archaeological sites and artefacts, the laws on the protection of heritage during conflict, the illicit trade of artefacts, and rescue and educational remedies in the field. Website here.

Speakers include:

Prof Roger O’keefe, Professor of Public International Law at UCL’s Faculty of Laws, has published extensively on ethics, laws and conventions relating to cultural property during conflict.

Dr Jonathan N.Tubb, Keeper of the Middle East Department at the British Museum and President of The Palestine Exploration Fund.  An expert in the archaeology and history of the Levant, he has undertaken extensive fieldwork and published widely on the region since the 1970’s.

Dr Emma Cunliffe, Oxford University, researching damage sustained by archaeological sites in the Middle East and developing ways of identifying and recording the threats.

Dr Franklin Lamb, Former Assistant Counsel of the US House Judiciary Committee at the US Congress and Professor of International Law and current Director of the American Concerned for Middle East Peace

Dr Sam Hardy, Honorary Research Associate at IoA, UCL and Adjunct Faculty – the American University of Rome, researching illicit trade in antiquities and the destruction of cultural property.

Mediadante, award-winning independent production company telling the stories of MENA to a global audience.

Organised and chaired by Roya Arab, Honorary Research Assistant at IoA, UCL, musician and curator of cultural events celebrating MENA heritage.

The event is part of the Nour Arab Festival of Arts, which runs from 20 October to 8th November 2015.
Nour Festival of Arts shines light on the best of contemporary Middle Eastern and North African arts and culture each October and November in venues across Kensington and Chelsea. Taking place from 20 October to 8 November 2015, and featuring exhibitions, music, film, food, talks and dance, Nour acts as a crucial meeting point for East and West.