International Arts & Antiquities Security Forum (IAASF)

Friday 11 November 2016, Baltic Museum, Gateshead.

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The International Arts & Antiquities Security Forum (IAASF) is a leading conference and exhibition covering current topics in the international protection of arts and antiquities. Providing those involved in the protection or Arts & Antiquities with a professional learning experience and understanding of existing and emerging threats that can impact them.

The first IAASF is being held in Newcastle upon Tyne, in the North East of England. Newcastle and the BALTIC Centre were specifically chosen because of the rich and diverse cultural heritage in the area and the fact that culture never dies; it changes and adapts much as the BALTIC and the whole South Tyneside regeneration programme has shown.

Culture, arts and antiquities provides millions of people around the world with pleasure and enjoyment whether as a private owner, a globally renowned museum or a small art gallery. Their dollar value runs into the billions and as a market sector it directly employs tens of thousands of people; indirectly hundreds of thousands more.

Unfortunately because of their beauty and value, art and antiquities have always been seen as a commodity that is worth fighting over, stealing or destroying. Recent figures in the UK suggest that the cost of high value art thefts by organised crime gangs is second only to drugs dealing and is in the region of £350-480 million annually. The global value of crime against arts, antiquities and historical sites is believed to be far in excess of £10 billion annually.

These figures are staggering and can only be tackled and reduced by working together across the disciplines that make up the cultural, heritage, arts and antiquity communities; as well as law enforcement and governments.

The IAASF event has been created to provide a forum where those involved in or with a passion for the cultural, art or antiquities sectors can learn about the global security risks that exist and what steps can be taken to manage and reduce the impact upon their assets.

The IAASF provides plenty of opportunities for people to network with counterparts from around the world, enjoy an excellent evening reception and be exposed to the truly magnificent hospitality that the North East of England is renowned for.

Who is the IAASF for?

The forum has not been designed exclusively for the security professionals; although by default they will be one of the main beneficiaries, but more for the wider sector including, gallery owners, shippers, insurance companies and curators. Everybody who has an interest, either personal or professional in protecting arts and antiquities will benefit from attending the forum and learning from each other.