Destruction of Monuments and Memory in the Middle East

Conference: Destruction of Monuments and Memory in the Middle East

Wednesday 16 December 2015, 10.00am – 6.30pm
Asia House, 63 New Cavendish Street, London W1G 7LP

Organised by Iran Heritage Foundation
Dr John Curtis (IHF), Dr Bijan Rouhani (ICOMOS), Astrid Johansen (IHF)

The recent destruction of cultural heritage in the Middle East has been on an unprecedented scale, without parallel in the history of the world. This destruction of cultural legacy, not just of the region but of the whole world, is irreparable. Much has already been lost, but is enough being done to protect what remains?

There have been a number of conferences highlighting these problems but there is scope to draw further attention to the current disastrous situation. This conference will differ to others on the subject by also considering controversial issues such as the motivation of ISIS, iconoclasm in the Islamic tradition, the reaction of the media to the crisis, and the possibilities of military intervention. An important aspect will be to look at the international and UK response to the crisis and ask if it has been appropriate and adequate.

While Iran is not directly affected by the swathe of the destruction across the Middle East, it is part of the region and just like Turkey it cannot ignore what is happening on its borders. Additionally, some of the destroyed monuments were created in times of Iranian overlordship or show Iranian influences. The IHF is therefore eminently suited to host such a conference.

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