Dealing with Damage. War and destruction: Museums between loss and remembrance

Conference: Dealing with Damage. Krieg und Zerstörung: Museen zwischen Verlust und Erinnerung
Dealing with Damage. War and destruction: Museums between loss and remembrance

1 February 2016
HTW Berlin Campus Wilhelminenhof, Hall B1

Admin: Conference in German, so many apologies as I ran it through Google translate, and guessed at the bits that made no sense. All mistakes are very much mine.

Wars such as the conflict in Syria are demanding not only human lives, but also bring the loss of material culture and cultural identity with them. The social consequences of war and destruction, and the challenges for the future are more present than ever in our society – flight and migration have become issues of our time.

The symposium asks how museums are dealing with current cultural losses and looks for ways to document those losses. What follows after a visually powerful attack on cultural identity? How are the effects of war made visible, can they be collected, or even compensated for losses suffered? As a cultural and social institutions, do museums and memorials have a concrete responsibility. The call for them is usually there, according to where memories and traumas need a space where a re-presentation of the Lost is necessary in that it becomes everybody’s business.
9.00 until 9.45 clock registration
10:00 a.m Welcome by the Programme spokesman Prof. Dr. Oliver Rump and Organisator_innen

War and destruction: Cultural Heritage Protection and education projects
10.15 clock Syria: dealing with destroyed and endangered World Heritage between helplessness and hope | Prof. Dr. Kay Kohlmeyer, HTW Berlin
11:00 o’clock The Syrian Heritage Archive Project | Issam Ballouz and Dr. Karin Pütt, German Archaeological Institute and Museum of Islamic Art, Berlin
11.45 clock coffe break
12:00 o’clock What can the civil society do from outside the country to protect the Cultural Heritage during the conflict? The case of Heritage for Peace NGO | Isber Sabrine, Heritage for Peace, Berlin
12.45 clock Lunch, catering and tour of the showcase
Loss and memory: limits of representation
14.15 clock The Unbearable think | Dr. Felicitas Heimann-Jelinek, Xhibit, Vienna
15.15 clock coffe break
15.30 clock Into the Void: Traumatic Histories, Social Conte Station, And The Safe Enough Museum (National September 11 Memorial & Museum, The Freedom Park South Africa) (lecture in English) | Tom Hennes, Thinc Design, New York City
Dealing with Damage
16.15 clock Panel discussion on “Dealing with current cultural losses”
Moderator: Prof. Dr. Dr. Friederike Fless, President DAI
17.15 until 18.00 clock Finale

Details (in German) are available on the website.

A video of the podium discussion is available here (In German)