Culture versus Terrorism

Culture versus Terrorism Conference

December 2016, Abu Dhabi

No official information appears to have been released about this conference. However it was announced in this newspaper release.

The two-day Conference brought together heads of state and ministers from over 40 countries affected by heritage loss due to armed conflicts, alongside key players involved in the field of heritage preservation, international public and private institutions, museums and private donors engaged in the field of cultural heritage, as well as experts working in the field. The conference set up an international fund and demanded the UN Security Council intervention to protect cultural heritage during armed conflicts.
The international fund will be based in Geneva in Switzerland, according to Jack Lang, the French President’s representative to the conference. France will contribute $30 million (£24M) in the next two years towards the fund; the UAE also announced its commitment at the conference. the rest will be obtained by fundraising.

France and the UAE are also discussing the possibility of introducing a resolution at the UN Security Council for the protection of heritage sites in conflict zones, based on the proposals and recommendations to be made by the conference, Lang said.

The conference also saw the signing of the Abu Dhabi Declaration.

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