BANEA 2017

4 – 6 January 2017 at the University of Glasgow

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Session themes are:

Encounters with Materials and Technologies Close Encounters
Routines, Memory and Performance
Landscapes of Transition
Archaeologies in and of Conflict
Big Data, Large Scales, Long-term – New Approaches
Ongoing Fieldwork

Archaeologies in and of Conflict

One of the most pressing challenges for Near Eastern Studies today is how we engage with the Middle East’s many human, military and political crises. Yet the wars in Syria and Iraq are but the tip on an iceberg in which archaeology and cultural heritage find themselves in the midst of conflict. This includes political, social or economic friction and hostilities in the context of rescue projects, contested pasts, or the less spectacular destruction of archaeological sites through agricultural or industrial intensification. Discord, conflict and their aftermath, however, shape not only current affairs and the lives of millions in the Middle East today, but were both frequent and deeply transformative in ancient societies. Taking tragic inspiration from the human dimensions of such conflict, one of the challenges is thus, how we can shift attention from geopolitical questions to the people affected by and suffering from them, both today and in the past.
This session invites contributions on recent heritage crises in the Middle East and discussions of the appropriate roles and responses of archaeologists, art historians and experts to the destruction of Middle Eastern heritage sites and the looting and trafficking of illicit cultural objects from the region. Also invited are discussions of less publicised archaeologies in and of Middle Eastern conflict in both the past and the present. We encourage papers that tackle questions of increasing inaccessibility of study regions, the role archeologists can play in the development of effective on-the-ground protection of sites, and innovative ways of asking new questions of old data.


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