Antiquities Coalition Task Force Report Launch

13 April 2016: Antiquitiess Coaltion

Culture Under Threat Task Force Unveils Recommendations to Combat Antiquities Trafficking

WASHINGTON, DC (April 13, 2016) – Today the Antiquities Coalition, Asia Society, and Middle East Institute released #CultureUnderThreat: Recommendations for the U.S. Government, a series of steps for confronting growing threats to our cultural heritage and global security. Cultural racketeering – the global trade in looted antiquities – is a multibillion-dollar industry that funds organized crime and terrorists like Daesh (also known as ISIS). Cultural cleansing – the systematic destruction of a targeted group and its heritage – has been used by Daesh, al Nusra, and other terrorist organizations to terrorize populations under their control.

Read the full press release here

Read the details and summary, and access the full reportof the Antiquities Coalition Task Force here.

As part of the Task Force Report launch, the Antiquities Coalition hosted a panel discussion which can be viewed here.