Forthcoming events

This page collates information on all forthcoming conferences, workshops, talks, and training courses on cultural heritage in conflict and during natural disasters.

Please note, unless specified, these events are not organised or hosted by Blue Shield.

If you would like us to advertise your conference, please contact us.

If you are particularly interested in looting and illicit property, we recommend following Anonymous Swiss Collector, who has a mailing list of events and opportunities.


8 February onwards (online)
Online exhibition: The Legacy of Ancient Palmyra.

April 3 to May 13, 2017 (Chicago, USA)
Exhibition: The Past Sold. Details here.

08 April 2017 to November 26, 2018 (Penn, America)
Exhibition: Cultures in the Crossfire: Stories from Syria and Iraq. Details here.

15 April 2017 (Berlin, Germany)
The Aleppo Project are issuing an invitation to all Syrians living in Berlin to actively participate in the founding of a participatory planning system for the first time for the city of Aleppo. For more details see the event invitation on Facebook.

19-21 April 2017 (Newcastle, England)
Conference: CIfA Archaeology: a global profession. Details here.

27-28 April (Colorado, USA)
Colloquium: Cultural Property and the Ethics of War. Details here.

16 May 2017 (London, England)
Talk: Preservation during conflict: Seizing the moment to protect the Middle-East’s Cultural Heritage. Details here.

May 26 through August 15, 2017 (Amelia, Italy)
Training: Postgraduate Certificate Program in Art Crime and Cultural Heritage Protection. Applications open from 31 January – 15 March. Details here.

June 2017 – V&A: Culture in Crisis (III) (Kigali, Rwanda)
Conference: Details not yet available. Press release here.

10-11 June 2017 (Mainz)
Conference: Cultural Heritage Protection – Awareness of our common heritage. Details here.

12-23 June 2017 (Geneva, Switzerland)
Summer School: International Cultural Heritage Law. Details here.

15-16 June 2017 (Leiden, Netherlands)
Conference and AGM: Heritage under Threat: Centre for Digital Heritage Annual Meeting. Details here.

18-23 June 2017 (Stellenbosch, S. Africa)
Conference: 12th International Conference on Military Geosciences. Details here.

23-25 June 2017 (Amelia, Italy)
Conference: Interdisciplinary Art Crime Conference (ARCA). Details here.

27-29 June 2017 (Shrivenham, England)
Conference: 10th International Spatial Socio-Cultural Knowledge Workshop. Details here.

30 August – 2 September 2017 (Maastricht, The Netherlands)
Conference: EAA Session: Art Crime and Stolen Heritage: Towards an Archaeological Consensus. Details here. CALL FOR PAPERS: 15 MARCH

4-8 September 2017 (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Conference: 18th ICOM-CC. Website here.

13 – 15 September 2017 (Vienna, Austria)
Blue Shield International General Assembly. Details Forthcoming.

3-5 November 2017 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Conference: CHAT 2017: Heritage, Art, Memory, and Agency. Details here.
The call for papers is open until 31st March 2017.

11 to 15 December 2017 (Delhi, India). Registration Open
ICOMOS General Assembly: The 19th General Assembly and Extraordinary General Assembly will take place in Delhi, India at the invitation of ICOMOS India, from 11 to 15 December 2017. The Advisory Committee and Scientific Council meetings (including National Committee and Regional meetings) take place on 9, 10 and 11 December. On 11 December, there will be a short Technical Opening of the Extraordinary General Assembly in the morning related to quorum requirements. The rest of the day is devoted to the Advisory Committee, which is open to National Committee and International Scientific Committee Presidents and their delegations. For the pre-meetings, a separate registration is necessary.
Webpage here.